Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Did You Know?

  • 40% of teenage girls ages 14 to 17 say they know someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend.
  • One in three women has been a victim of domestic violence.
  • Every 2.5 minutes, someone in the united states is sexually assaulted.
  • 25% of college women have been raped.

FACT SHEET: Violence Against Women

FACT SHEET: Sexual Assault

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FACT SHEET: Hate Crimes


"We honor survivors who have broken their silence and support victims who have yet to find their voice." - Excerpt from the YWCA Sexual Assault Services pledge

Seeking to improve the quality of life for those victimized by sexual assault, this program strives to expand awareness in the community on issues related to sexual violence. In a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, the YWCA offers rape survivors the support they need and extends this support to family and friends. The program also strives to provide information on the rape trauma syndrome and refer survivors to appropriate medical, legal and social services.

Services are provided for those 12 years of age and up at three different program locations: Compton, South Los Angeles, and South Bay/Long Beach. Program services are provided by student interns and volunteers through a 40-hour training program certified by the State of California with particular emphasis on cultural diversity and sensitivity.


Services include*:

  • Accompaniment: 24-hour advocate support at hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and courts
  • Community Education: workshops and community events which increase awareness of sexual violence
  • Counseling: individual counseling, group counseling, and healing art services
  • Crisis Intervention: community resources and 24-hour crisis hotline - 1-877- Y HELPS U 1-877-943-5778
  • Prevention Education: workshops and events to decrease the occurrence of sexual violence
  • Self Defense: a women's empowerment model based on awareness, assertiveness, and physical techniques
  • Clothesline Project: participants create t-shirts that depict various forms of violence against women, then publicly display them to "air out the dirty laundry"


* The services are offered for free in English and Spanish. Other support services are available as needed.


Program Director

Alva Moreno
Director, Sexual Assault Crisis Services
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